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Trademark Search in Chennai

Solubilis offer Trademark search in Chennai before filing the trademark application. We consider TM search is an integral part of the trademark ownership. Every company must have some awareness of conducting such searches. The comprehensive searches are better due to its wider scope than preliminary searches. Sometimes these types of searches are helps to avoid conflicts with the existing trademark applications or registered trademarks. Solubilis helps to get the simplest way of trademark search in Chennai. Searching process includes all the classes that are registered in India. Through this search you can get the details of your logo, slogan or brand name. These examination can be done by providing word marks and the class of the goods that are going to be conducted. Applications are made under 45 different classes according to the NIE Classifications. Each class represents the separate sets of goods and services. By using the trademark class finder tool we can find out the suitable classes for the trademarks. The firms or attorneys, well qualified in Trademark services can do searches. They are having large database of various state trademarks, company names, domain names etc. This helps to do the detailed study and getting legal advices of trademark registrations. Solubilis helps you to choose the right class or classes using the free trademark search services.

We helps to choose the right class or classes

Easy way to complete trademark search via online tool

It contains the most recent Trademark application information

Get suitable trademarks depending on the nature of your services

Search the Trademark Name for free

Search your Trademarks by Trademark Name, Number or Applicant

We helps to clear the conflicts in TM search. We are having the latest list of databases for ease of process.


Process of Trademark Search

Primary phase is searching the trademarks names and generating abroad trademark search report.

We create your trademark application with the help of TM attorneys once the search is completed.

Submit the application to the TM registry one the search and application drafting got completed.

The trademark registry conducts hearing and checks the violations with IPIndia Trademark Public search.

If there is no objection in searching, your trademark will be registered within 18-20 months.

You can use your R symbol in the goods/service and show the status of your trademarks.

Our company

Understanding of the company starts with some business scenarios in Chennai and it takes to make business successful till here. We Solubilis is a talented team who are deeply assign and plan deeply committed to what we do for the clients. We makes the public search in a more problem free manner to engage more boost in your business. Our teams are expert in legal, professional and financial advisory services and helps our clients to meet the destination solutions. Feasibility in every problem is the main toolpoint of our team. We excavate until we find the suitable solutions for the sustainability of your business.


Trademark search is cost free and is mainly used to avoid conflicts with the registered mark and the existing application. It avoids the likelihood of confusion. We Solubilis offers free TM search for you. We are having the updated database for making a hindrance free search.
We are enable the hindrance free trademark searches to get best and suitable trademarks for your goods and services. You can avail this services by simply login in our sites.
Trademark searches are cost free. We Solubilis enable the hindrance free trademark searches to get best and suitable trademarks for your goods and services. We are having the updated database to avoid violations on the recent trademark updates.
The starting date of the opposition starts from the date on which the TM journal is made available to the public. It terminates after 4 months from the starting period. During this period anyone can raise the opposition with valid proof.
The trademark in the trademark registry is valid for the specific time period of 10 years. Afterwards it can be renewed by paying some renewal fees.