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Trademark Search

Applicants of the trademarks are not necessary to conduct a trademark search for conflicting the marks before using a trademarks or applying to register a mark. Search is mainly to avoid liability from trademark violation lawsuits. Secondary advantages of doing search is to find out the potential prior users. By doing so you can avoid the time and expenses which are caused from the wrong filing of the application. The other reason is to conduct the trademark search is, if you are making an application for a particular trademark and it may similar to another company’s registered one. Then in such cases your application will denied and the registration fees are non-refundable. To avoid such instances we often use Trademark Search. There is no such identical or similarities with the existing mark. This is the major norms in Trademark filing. If such situation happened then the application will be denied and the registration fees are become non-refundable. Before submitting the applications you have to ensure that you have been completed the searchof TN. The search sometimes very useful to avoid conflicts between the existing company names and existing marks. The trademark search is not only for your own country we can make the search in globally to avoid problems of infringement at a later stage.