Identical Trademark in India – Trademark Search in Chennai

Identical Trademark in India Trademark search is a key and sometimes overlooked aspect of trademark protection. The purpose of a trademark search is to identify risks and liabilities associated with choosing a name for a product or service.Without the purpose of searching, you run the risk of infringing on someone else’s rights, which may prevent you from using a name […]

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Trademark Opposition in India – Trademark Search in Chennai

Trademark search in Chennai It is significant that your personality is novel and nobody has a comparative one. Before enrolling yourself as a holder of trademark, you have to ensure some significant focuses. Trademark search is one of them. The process of trademark search in Chennai ought to be conveyed with absolute exactness before recording a trademark application to the […]

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Why and How to Conduct Trademark Search in Chennai

Trademark [TM] Search “Conducting a trademark search is associate degree incentive to the method of registering your trademark”. Performing a trademark [TM] search may be a crucial step before adopting a trademark. Trademarks are wanted to shield the identity of a business/company. once a metal search is conducted, the likelihood of a trademark being just like an existing trademark is […]

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