Free Trademark Search and Trademark Registration Services in Chennai

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Free trademark search and registration services in India

A trademark is normally a name, word, state, logo, image, picture or a blend of these to recognize an organization’s items and administrations from that of others. A trademark is likewise utilized as a showcasing instrument for making mindfulness and acknowledgment of an organization’s items or administrations among clients. A trademark is the licensed innovation of its holder; and responsibility for trademark streams from the business use of the trademark. Free Trademark Search and Trademark Registration Services in Chennai is what we are going to be discussed here and mentioned the required documents also.


Trademark Registration

An organization/individual should enlist the trademark to have the total responsibility for mark and to shield something very similar from abuse by someone else/business substance. Provided that the trademark is enrolled, the proprietor gets the lawful privileges to make a lawful move against an encroachment of trademark.

Enlisting a trademark gives the proprietor restrictive right to involve the imprint for their items or potentially benefits. Assuming the trademark is enrolled, the proprietor can utilize the image ®. On account of trademark for which a trademark registration application is documented, the image ™ can be utilized.

Involving these images for unregistered trademark or in situations where no application for trademark registration is recorded is an offense.

Trademark Classification

Under Trademark Registration, whole scope of labor and products are ordered into 45 distinct classes. Distinguishing the Class of Trademark is vital prior to documenting the application as enrolling a trademark or name under a specific class gives assurance under that classification as it were.

Assuming that a trademark is utilized for labor and products under various classes, separate applications are expected to be documented under each class to get security of trademark for the particular labor and products.

Free trademark search

Conducting a Trademark search in Chennai online will give the name data of an enrolled trademark/Trademark, which can be comparative (phonetically) to your Trademark.A rundown of precluded marks is given with the goal that an individual can check whether the trademark or the Trademark falls under such prohibited characters.

Under the Vienna code grouping, on the off chance that the trademark has a logo, a trademark search gives you the data and subtleties of comparative trademark.

It is crucial for direct a Trademark search to register the candidates’ trademark or brand mark logo under the Trademark Act. On the off chance that a comparative Trademark exists in the library of Trademarks, the name can be modified, or an individual can choose another name.

In the event that any comparative trademark exists, the recently applied Trademark ought to be changed, or another name can be chosen.

On the off chance that the trademark is exceptional, one can go on to enlist the brand the name. It is fitting 100% of the time to lead a trademark search in Chennai prior to documenting a trademark application to enroll the Trademark.

Trademark Registration Process

  • Trademark application preparation and filing.
  • Keeping up your File and counsel with India Trademark Attorney, who is our Trademark Registration Consultant through the time your imprint is flowed by the Registry.
  • Illuminating to the endorsement of the protests or application by the workplace.
  • Making the distribution of use in the Trade Marks Journal and sending a duplicate of the appropriate page distribution to you.
  • Illuminating time limits for answering to office activities.
  • In the event of any complaints made by trademark office, helping you to get ready for the reaction. To the workplace protests during the administrations of our India Trademark Attorney.
  • Lawyer Fees Payment.
  • Office Fees Payment for documenting trademark application.
  • IPR Services

Trademark database

In India, the Comptroller General of Patent Designs and Trademark controls the Trademark registrations and the enlisted trademarks. The two experts and non-experts can utilize the internet based trademark search data set and non-experts to do a trademark search.

The Trademark information base contains all the trademark applications submitted to the Trademark enlistment center in India, including all enrolled, applied, protested, and lapsed trademarks. A trademark search will give the client a knowledge into the significant data connecting with the trademark search question.

Trademark registration benefits

Interesting Identity Mark

As currently expressed, trademarks demonstrate brand character. One look at a trademark will empower a purchaser to associate it with its proprietor individual/organization. It very well may be the name on the logo, the tones, and the plan. The purchasers don’t have to peruse the words for making out their significance. For instance, the brand Apple doesn’t constantly have “Apple” on its logo, yet the greater part knows about what’s really going on with the brand.

Mark Representing Quality and Mark

A trademark can convey a specific norm and nature of an item that is effectively recognizable by the purchasers. For eg: a fleeting look at the BMW logo will uncover an extravagance vehicle with demanding quality details. In the event that another auto brand presents a less expensive quality vehicle and includes the BMW logo it then it will harm BMW’s market notoriety in this manner bringing down its deals. Thusly, trademarks shield the quality and notoriety of the brand of which it fills in as the pointer.

Shielding the Brand Reputation and Protecting Consumer’s Trust

Safeguarding the standing of a brand or organization is one more advantage of trademark enlistment. In addition, a trademark search helps in the advancement of a buyer base for a venture that outcomes from the trust related with such an imprint. Assume that a portable maker begins producing bad quality and less expensive variants of iPhone while joining Apple’s logo in them. This move will bring about bringing down Apple’s standing on the lookout and furthermore antagonistically sway its deals. Be that as it may, since Apple has its trademark enrolled they can counter any such occasion effortlessly.

Financial benefits

Trademarks supplement an organization with values and acknowledgment. Thusly, an organization having grounded trademarks and brands in its portfolio partakes in a decent market notoriety. It additionally becomes more straightforward to amass assets from the securities exchange or acquire from loan specialists for venturing into the business sectors of different countries. Plus, through TM Registration, it becomes simpler to find accomplices and teammates.