Everything you need to know about Online Trademark search in Chennai

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Trademark is one of the significant segments of Intellectual property. Trademark is an unmistakable sign, Indicator or image of an individual, business association, organization or whatever other legitimate element which separates itself from different contenders. A trademark is a sort of protected innovation, normally a name, word, state, logo, image, plan, picture, or a mix of these kinds of components. Trademark search in Chennai states that as per Section2(e) of the Trade Mark Act, 1999, a confirmed brand name implies an imprint fit for recognizing the merchandise or administrations regarding which it is utilized in regard of exchange which are guaranteed by the owner of the imprint in regard of birthplace, material, method of production of products or execution of administrations, quality, precision or different attributes from merchandise or administrations not all that affirmed and registrable as such under Chapter IX in setting of those products or administrations in the name, as owner of the accreditation brand name, of that individual. You can do this Trademark availability search through online itself.


Trademark search in Chennai explains that WIPO characterizes a brand name as a sign which is prepared to do particularly recognizing the merchandise or administrations of one individual or endeavor from those of others or undertakings. The proprietor of the brand name can keep different contenders from conveying nearly a similar sort of imprint on the off chance that it can prompt disarray. This will keep great products from supplanting low-quality merchandise. The trademark search in Chennai specifies that trademark search is an important aspect in the registration of trademark.

Trademark search

The trademark search in Chennai insists that trademark search will determine if another person has just received your proposed trademark name or comparative imprints. If you adopt the existing trademark, at that point you might be welcoming a trademark infringement claim. At last, encroachment suits may bring about paying money related harms or stopping the utilization of your brand name or both. Besides, it would plainly list any earlier brand name enrollments or pending applications. Online Trademark search specifies that consequently, the current comparable imprints may prone to keep you from registering your image name with the Trademark Registry. This would, thus, set aside time and cash of recording a brand name application that has minimal possibility of getting enlisted. Then, it would assist you with surveying the general quality of your imprint by giving you what number of other comparable brand names are as of now there in the commercial center, aside from the brand name enrolled in Trademark Registry. Further, we recommend you read on why direct an exchange mark search to comprehend the reasons?

A Online trademark freedom search is obviously performed preceding the selection of the trademark and putting resources into the brand, and includes the means of evaluating every comparable brand name enlisted, under the procedure of trademark registration, or being used. Be that as it may, you can likewise do it at a later stage on the off chance that you don’t know that the brand name you are utilizing is away from any contentions.

Despite the fact that, it is for all intents and purposes impractical to play out a tm scan interminably for comparable brand names, a hunt on the accompanying inquiry databases is prescribed to guarantee that 99% of all conceivable future clash circumstances are revealed before it prompts any lawful difficulty:

  • Trademark public search on Indian Trademark Office site
  • Company/LLP name search on Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) site
  • International applications India under Madrid convention
  • Common law search.

Online trademark search in Chennai

Visit the official site ipindiaonline.gov.in. Present the necessary data including the worth, word mark, class and depiction of the products. The brand name indexed lists will show you if your submitted TM is as of now utilized or effectively held. This alleviates you from a worry of confronting any future conflict with different organizations who have applied for a similar TM. You may likewise be in a difficult situation if your brand name is incredibly like that of others.

Types of Trademark search in Chennai

TM search is done into three distinct classifications. In particular, word mark, Vienna code, and Phonetic. Word mark is the comparative portrayal of the word mark. Vienna code alludes to the comparative aesthetic portrayal. Phonetic quest is for the words which are comparative phonetically yet might possibly be comparative in spellings or utilization of words and letters. With the online TM search, it involves few moments to know the status of your TM in the Indian Trademarks Registry. These are specified by the trademark search in Chennai.

The trademark database

A trademark search database is kept up by the Controller General of Patent Designs and Trademarks. The database is accessible on its site which can be utilized by both the experts and non-experts. The database contains a rundown of the considerable number of uses that were made to the Controller General. The rundown incorporates all the brand names that have been dismissed, acknowledged, questioned and lapsed. A trademark search will furnish the client with all the data on the likely trademark. It must be led with the assistance of a certified and experienced brand name lawyer to evade issues later on. The pursuit can show various matches which may be hard to comprehend for a typical individual. The online trademark scan status is for a specific class of products as a brand name is enrolled under various class or classes of merchandise.

Some tips to have online trademark search in Chennai

Before beginning the trademark search in Chennai, make the rundown of words that you think portray your item or administration best. Consider words that are comparable, phonetically and furthermore remember whimsical spelling for your pursuit boundary. Additionally, direct straightforward Google search from the rundown of the planned brand name as specific imprints may not be enrolled however are as yet secured under the custom-based law standard.

Before you experience the issue of trademark registration discover that your brand name, logo or configuration can be legitimately ensured. A brand name can be considered ‘taken’ if the Application status is cannot, Accepted and promoted, published, send to Vienna Codification and Registered. Albeit a trademark name is ‘accessible’ if the application status shows that the planned imprint ‘Pulled back’ and ‘deserted’. Trademark search in Chennai provides you the whole knowledge and assists in trademark search.