Benefits of Trademark Registration and Trademark Search in Chennai

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What are the benefits of Trademark Registration for Businesses in India

A Trademark registration is the felony safety of one’s brand name such that it can’t be copied with the aid of any o their party. In different words, a trademark™ is a seen image which may additionally consist of a word, signature, tool, numeral, heading, label, name, that is written in a particular fashion a good way to make it distinct from others. In case of a trademark being copied, the proprietor can have the proper to recover the income earned in the call of the registered Trademark beneath the Intellectual Property Act. Trademark exceptional presents exclusivity to be used of the mark with recognize to the elegance of products or services for which the trademark is registered. Use the trademark magnificence finder device to find an appropriate trademark elegance to your gadgets or provider from over 8000 gadgets and offerings.


Key blessings of availing Trademark Registration:

Exclusive identification: the product and offerings provided by manner of the commercial employer are uniquely identified by consumers and audiences. This helped to assemble a market popularity and thus, turns into the face of the company entity. It ensures the sole possession of a selected photograph, emblem, call, such that it isn’t always misused.

Exclusive rights: the proper to completely use it in recognize of the goods and services offered by using the commercial employer entity.

Legal safety: Once the trademark is registered, an infringement of the present trademark may be sued thru the proprietor. Thus, it gives sure crook protection in following situations:

  • Before any dealer creates their trademark
  • Avoids opportunities of infringement as inside the method one might find out trademark via Trademark Database or Trademark Registry.
  • In cases at the same time as a dealer tries to sign up the identical logo name as existing in the Trademark Registry, it’d be objectionable inside the Trademark’s Office.
  • In case of infringement, one is able to get hold of the proper to claim under positive conditions.

Building up keep in mind or Goodwill: Serving satisfactory products and offerings beneath a registered trademark builds up an photograph of the business entity inside the marketplace. It also portrays that the commercial enterprise cares approximately the logo building and this passes on nice values about the emblem to the customers or public.

Global permits: Trademark registration in India permits the domestic customers in getting uncovered to the worldwide market through International Trademark System. It is important to notice that even Non-Resident Indians and foreigners are eligible to test in a trademark in India. On the other hand, Indians can sign up their logos globally.

Protection from infringement claims: Once the trademark is registered, one can be high quality of the infringement claims. This manner if the trademark is recorded, one may additionally require a right legal proof as a way to protect an indicator publically.

The price within the market: A trademark standardizes the product and offerings provided by way of the commercial employer entity within the market. This builds up the fee of the logo such that it is easy for a consumer or a potential customer to pick out the company or emblem within the market.

Hypothecation or security: A registered trademark can be hypothecated for the purpose of security a good way to steady loans. Here it’s miles pledged in a similar way as a immovable belongings is bonded.

Intangible property: In the crook sense, a registered trademark is often referred to as an identifiable intangible property. It attaches to the recognition or goodwill of the product.

The proper to use the picture R: Once registered, one may also use the photograph for items and offerings listed inside the registration.

It thus will become clean that it is crucial to get a trademark register. Further, proper right here is a study the varieties of emblems registered and how it’s a long way done.

Types of logos registered:

Product trademarks: affixed to pick out the products.

Service trademarks: affixed to the offerings furnished through the business entity. They also are used for advertising.

Certification trademarks: the products or services are certified consistent with their use, origin, material, the approach of manufacture, first-rate, technical specifications.

Collective trademarks: registered by way of those beneath the name of groups, institutions or other organizations. It is used by its contributors to discover the traits set by that organization.

Application for trademark registration:

A person who claims to be the proprietor of the trademark can practice for the registration. Before making an indicator, one must behavior a trademark search in Chennai inside the Trademark workplace to ensure that the layout of the trademark isn’t already registered. One may design:

  1. Any name which is unusual for trade.
  2. The invented phrase which is not descriptive of the individual or nice of products and offerings.
  3. Letters or numerals, or maybe a mixture of both.
  4. The proper to the proprietorship of a trademark in accordance with the legislation.
  5. Devices or symbols
  6. Monograms
  7. Combination of colours or maybe a unmarried color in combination with a word or device.
  8. Marks constituting 2D signs.
  9. Shapes of products and their packaging.
  10. Sound Marks.

A individual may observe for the Trademark registration under the jurisdiction of the principal location for the operation of the business.

Trademark Registration Process:


The emblems for businesses in India are regulated with the aid of the Trade Marks Act 1999. The Act pursuits to offer its registration and better protection while preventing its fraudulent use. After one conducts a trademark search in Chennai and designs the trademark the following is to Apply for trademark registration. One can do this on-line or may also even rent a attorney for this purpose. The process for the same has been laid within the Act. For every utility for registration, an software range is allocated that can be tracked online. Once it’s miles accepted, it might be published inside the Trademark Journal. In case no competition comes up, the trademark is then issued to the proprietor. However, in case there’s an opposition, the equal is heard in the Trademark Hearing Office to determine the final registration of the identical.

In case the trademark is with out any distinctive individual or is just like any other registered trademark, it’s miles sure to get rejected. Since the trademark registration offers the trader an exclusive right to revel in the mark, any wrongful use of an indicator by way of someone who isn’t registered consumer of it’s far accountable for infringement of trademarks. A dealer or the proprietor of the proper may additionally declare relief. Unregistered trademark owners cannot record a suit in case of infringement.

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