Everything you have to know about Trademark Search in Chennai

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Everything about Trademark [TM] Search

“Conducting a trademark search is an incentive to the method of registering your trademark everything”.


Performing a trademark [TM] search is a important step earlier than adopting an indicator. Trademarks are sought to shield the identification of a business/company. When a TM search is conducted, the possibility of a trademark being just like an existing trademark is checked. Individuals and businesses who fail to carry out a TM search in Chennai early on regularly regret later whilst they locate themselves embroiled in costly legal disputes or in conditions whilst they may be compelled to trade their trademark, both of which could had been easily prevented with a simple TM search.

Today the market is flourished with manufacturers and every logo owner wants to claim special rights in the direction of their trademark name. A new and specific brand name not handiest offers you an exceptional right over your trademark/ brand name but it also offers an one-of-a-kind photo in the mind of the customers.

The manner of trademark registration should be constantly initiated with the behavior of TM search. The conduct of trademark search in India offers you the information of the existence of any similar brand names/trademark which can be similar to your brand name/trademark in any other case if there is no document of any brand name or trademark much like yours. Trademark Search can be completed after you test with your Class Details (The Trademark Act, 1999 gives trademark type which 45 classes for various goods and services).

Why conducting the TM search?

-TM search offers information and information of any existing comparable brand name/ trademark similar to yours.

-It presents information of logo name/ trademark which may be phonetically similar to your brand name/trademark.

-Trademark search gives you statistics of any well-known marks that are similar to your brand name/ trademark.

-It gives you with a list of prohibited marks (marks which are prohibited from trademark registration with the aid of a personal individual) so you can test whether your logo name/ trademark falls underneath the list of such prohibited marks.

-If your logo name has a logo or device, TM search offers you facts and information of similar brand name/ trademark underneath the Vienna Code Classification (International Classification of figurative elements) just like your brand name/ trademark.

Therefore, Trademark Search in Chennai may be very much critical to know whether or not your brand name/trademark may be registrable below the Trademark Act. If any comparable trademark exists inside the trademark registry, then adjust your trademark or pick a new name. In case your brand name is acquired distinctiveness in the market, then you can go ahead to sign in your brand name. It is usually really helpful to conduct a trademark search before filing a trademark utility for Trademark registration. TM search gives you a gist of registrability of your trademark below The Trademark Act, 1999.

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A trademark public search in Chennai is made in the Indian Trademark database. The trademark search determines whether a proposed trademark is available for use in connection with certain items or services. In the search, similar trademarks as well as phonetically similar names in a particular class may be comprehensively searched.

How to conduct the trademark public search in India?

TM Search is split into 3 categories

  1. a) Wordmark – For a comparable illustration of wordmark;
  2. b) Vienna Code – For comparable inventive illustration; and
  3. c) Phonetic – For phonetically comparable words.

Trademark Search Parameters


These three search kind alternatives are available that encompass Wordmark, Vienna Code and Phonetic. Therefore, you may have to select the search kind from the alternatives given inside the tab.

Wordmark Search

For example, to perform a Wordmark search, select “Wordmark” choice from the search kind and insert the key-word(s) of your proposed trademark in the field corresponding to “Wordmark”.

There are 45 instructions of trademark category of products and services. Classes 1-34 offers with various items and Classes 35-45 offers with offerings as in keeping with Nice Classification. Accordingly, you’ll should input the elegance inside the field correcting to “CLASS”. And the class(es) have to be related to your services or made from your trademark. In India trademark database, you can perform a seek only the use of a single class at a time.

You can perform the wordmark search the use of any prefix method “Starts With“, “Contains” or “Match With“.

A search with a keyword in the “Starts With” alternative and the end result will show all of the trademark beginning with the searched keyword. Similarly, a search with a keyword inside the “Contains” choice will show the end result of all of the trademark containing the searched keyword. On the alternative hand, the result will display all the trademark only matching with the searched keyword for a search with a key-word within the “Match With” choice.

Search Result

After you enter the required details as above, click at the ‘Start Search’ button to view your search end result. The details of everything of the trademarks including S.No., matching trademark(s) and pictures may be proven in the table. Thereafter, you can click on the choice field proven in S.No. For the preferred trademark to view or click the container on the left pinnacle nook to view all the results. After choosing the boxes, click the “Report” to view the result of all trademarks in detail.

After doing the search if it’s far determined that there are no similar trademarks at the record, then you may continue to file the trademark.

Phonetic Search


The phonetic search might be the same as that of the above wordmark search method, besides with none prefix method. Therefore, you could observe the identical step as referred to above for the phonetic search of the trademark.

Vienna code Search

Vienna code search is finished to discover a similar trademark. Thus, you’ll ought to enter the six-digit Vienna code corresponding to “Vienna code”, and pick out your applicable class. After the quest, the end result desk might everything show all the marks containing the tool.

Please note that the above steps are trendy tactics for trademark public search in India. However, it’s far beneficial to searching for professional assistance to get the trademark registration of your brand name or logo. Further, we suggest you offer your brand name details everything within the online trademark filling shape to behavior a complete search to check the availability.

An online search in the Trademark Registry India can be completed unfastened of rate at the Indian trademark database link everything. Further, you could also test the trademark status and files available for the search result’s mark.

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