Goodwill and best values of Trademark – Trademark Search in Chennai

Goodwill and best values of trademark registration in India

A trademark is a unique symbol or term used to represent a business or its products. Once registered, the same symbol or series of words cannot be used forever by any other organization, as long as it remains in use and the appropriate paperwork and fees are paid. The fact that we easily associate symbols and words with companies and their brands is the biggest advantage of their use. When a customer sees a familiar logo or phrase, instant recognition is gained, which can carry the choice. Goodwill and best values of Trademark – Trademark Search in Chennai is what we are going to be discussed here & mentioned required documents.


“Goodwill” also refers to value, but it is associated with a specific Trademark search in Chennai. Trademarks associated with high quality products tend to be more welcome. The difficulty lies in determining the value of goodwill. Although Interbrand has developed its own method for determining the value attached to a particular brand, the evaluation of intangible assets, such as trademarks, is an incomplete science and can be difficult to do. Certain accounting principles provide that a company’s goodwill, including its trademarks, is determined by the difference between the company’s total market value and the value of its hard assets. As far as individual trademark goodwill appraisals are concerned, various methods are available and used in litigation, licensing and other contexts. These valuation methods include price valuation for each individual trademark, expected revenue to be produced by the trademark, or market value.

Regardless of the valuation method used, trademark owners have control over the value of goodwill. This is associated with a particular trademark, and such control begins with the beginning of the trademark search in chennai . Trademark owners can choose a fictitiously strong mark (i.e., indicative, arbitrary or fictitious) and general or descriptive marks should be avoided. In addition to the imaginary strong mark, trademark owners should adopt a strong mark on a commercial basis (i.e., one that is not commonly used in industry) and one that allows expansion into other product and service categories. These pre-adoption considerations will help ensure strong value and goodwill in the market.

Certainly the value of goodwill associated with a trademark has a direct impact on licensing, enforcement efforts, and litigation. As strong as the brand is, it is likely to open doors for licensing opportunities, which could include opening new markets to the trademark owner. Added to it, the value of goodwill associated with the trademark will provide leverage to the trademark owner at the time of license negotiations, which may lead to higher royalty rates for the trademark owner.From an enforcement standpoint, goodwill associated with a particular trademark will help expand the scope of enforcement efforts and provide additional credit for seeking letters and other enforcement efforts.

Additional measures to protect goodwill include evaluating coverage in key international jurisdictions and recording trademarks with local customs authorities.Finally, should a company experience a reputable loss based on a particular product, it is also worth noting that a company’s overall brand reputation can be used to help restore reputation for a single trademark. Conversely, it is also worth considering the impact on the overall reputation of the problematic product or service brand.

Benefits of trademark registration

Trademarks are valuable to the company

In addition to the many benefits of a brand’s trademark registration, it is also a valuable asset to the company. As the reputation of the business grows, the value of your brand also increases. Trademarks add value to your business and unlock ways to grow your business faster. Trademarks also give your brand access to the market.

Consumers easily recognize the brand

Customers are the biggest asset to the company. Registering your brand logo or name as a trademark helps customers easily identify your brand. Trademarks set a brand or product apart from others. This way, customers can find and recognize your brand because it is distinguished by a trademark. People definitely rely more on a brand that has a logo or name trademark.

Trademarks never expire

The main features and advantages of trademarks are that they last forever. It is with you until your brand or product exists on this planet. Many of the most prestigious brands today are a hundred years old, for example, the Mercedes that registered in 1900. So it is good register your brand logo as a trademark.

Recent news

The trademark applications filed by Cutis biotech and the Serum institute of India are now pending in front of the registry. The Covishield vaccine candidate of Serum institute of India has approved by Drug controller General of India. This is being done for the restricted emergency use today.

According to Section 2 (ZB) of the Trade Marks Act, 1999, a ‘trademark’ means a mark that is able to represent graphically and distinguish one person’s goods or services from others and may include the shape of the goods. , Their packaging and mixing colours. The power of a symbol is directly proportional to its ‘uniqueness’ i.e. its inherent ability to distinguish itself from other qualities and to identify the source.It can be a difficult task to prove that Covishield has a secondary meaning. This means that there could be a heavy burden of proof on Curtis Biotech in this case. Further, the Serum Institute may face the same legal burden in terms of obtaining and defending trademark protection for ‘Covishield’ (if it reaches that mark at that stage).


The method of protecting your brand or logo in a legal period is not a very old method of distinguishing one product or service from another. But, surprisingly now all brands rely on the process because it gives consumers legal rights and identity. There is always competition in the corporate world and in this age it is almost mandatory to not only protect your brand or logo but also make it unique. Trademarking is an essential process because there are so many copycats in the market. Cases have been reported where some businesses use inappropriate means to pull down someone’s business. As such, trademark registration is important. The benefits of a trademark outweigh its value.