Online Trademark Registration Procedure – Trademark Search in Chennai

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Online Trademark Registration Procedure in India

In simple terms, trademarks is specific unique signs that are used to identify a selected company’s goods or services. It’s often designs, pictures, signs or even expressions. This is often important because it sets your products apart from the competition. It’s getting to be associated with your brand or product. Trademarks are classified as property and are therefore shielded from infringement. Trademarks and their rights are secured by the Trademarks Act, 1999. Online Trademark Registration Procedure – Trademark Search in Chennai is what we are going to be discussed here and mentioned the documents.


One possesses to register a trademark to urge protection of trademark rights. It’s important to register your trademark because it prevents others from copying your mark and misrepresenting other products alongside your mark. Trademarks help customers recognize brand value in one look, just like the tick sign logo for the Nike or the jumping wildcat for the Puma.
Unlike patents, trademarks do not have a peculiar limitation period. Where a patent expires in 20 years the trademark registration in Chennai expires after 10 years of its registration, but unlike a patent, the trademark is usually renewed for a further 10 years. This process can happen indefinitely, which suggests it’ll not expire until you renew the trademark and continue under the protection of the law.

Trademark approval:

1. Application for trademark registration:
If an application for trademark registration is filed with the Registrar of Trademarks, the trademark application allotment number is issued within one or two working days. the appliance can then be tracked electronically through the trademark search in Chennai online search feature. The trademark owner can attach the TM symbol next to the brand after receiving the allotment number.
2. Vienna Codification Verification
this is a part of the licensing process for incorporation of trademarks. If the sign contains ornate elements or logos, then of these applications must be handled under the Vienna Codification. It’s assigned the Vienna Code as provided within the Vienna Agreement. This helps to seek out the trademark for the brand for internal use. It takes about 3-5 working days because it is an indoor practice of the ministry.
3. Examination of trademarks and trademark applications
the trademark officer will then review the accuracy of the trademark application and submit a mark review report. The officer will check whether all the knowledge is entered correctly and whether the attached documents are correct. The officer will either approve the appliance and approve the publication of the journal or object thereto.
4. Objections and clarifications
The Ministry here compares trademarks with other applications and registered trademarks. When it appears to be like all other name or logo, objections are raised by the ministry.
If the trademark is under objection, a response to the objection must be sent to the Ministry within 30 days of receiving such examination report. If the applicant fails to file a response at such time, the trademark is going to be omitted.
5. Objection hearing
the applicant can either file a reply to the objection or request a gathering with the officer just in case the objection is raised by the Ministry. Additionally, if the examiner needs further clarification or isn’t proud of the response to the objection, the officer must schedule a hearing before denying the appeal.
6. Publication within the journal
if the registrar approves the trademark application, the proposed trademark through trademark search in Chennai are going to be published within the trademark journal. The Trademark Journal is published regularly, and includes all trademarks approved by the Registrar. Upon release, people may object to certain registrations. When no appeal is filed within 90 days of release, this mark will usually be recorded within 12 weeks.
If a 3rd party objects to the online trademark registration application, the trademark hearing examiner may involve a hearing. Both the applicant and therefore the respondent have the chance to be present at the hearing to supply reasons for approving or rejecting the trademark application.
7. Registration allowed:
If there’s no objection or objection to the submission, a trademark manuscript and a certificate of trademark registration are going to be issued. When a certificate of online trademark registration is issued, the trademark is taken into account the owner’s registered trademark, giving the owner a selected use of the trademark, now each symbol next to the brand.Trademark registration in Chennai took a minimum of a year to finish.

What is the procedure for trademark registration?

Trademark Search: the foremost important step in trademark registration is. The agent or applicant should first research from the available database of the government before making any application for a trademark.
Trademark Application Filing: Once the trademark search in Chennai is positive, you’ll proceed with the appliance for registration by the agent / attorney. the appliance should be submitted with due care and within the prescribed, the fee for filing the appliance depends on the category. If the applicant wants to register a trademark in additional than 2 categories, he’s required to pay a fee according to the category.
Trademark Application Allocation: Application Allocation Number is given by the Registrar after the appliance is submitted. The status of such a trademark application is usually viewed online through the search feature.
Trademark Examination: the appliance is assigned to the Trademark Registrar Office Fees Officer, who examines the entire application and provides the trademark examination report. For further clarification, the appliance could even be accepted or resubmitted. However, if the applicant is dissatisfied with the selection of the trademark authority, he may appeal against the selection of the trademark officer before the property appeals board.
Trademark Journal Publication: When a trademark is accepted by the registration authority, the inferred trademark is printed within the trademark journal. This report is out there on a weekly basis and covers all trademarks registered during that period.
Trademark Registration: When there is no objection to the online trademark application, a trademark manuscript and a certificate of online trademark registration are getting to be prepared and sent to the trademark application. Once the trademark issuer publishes the certificate, the trademark is deemed registered.
The number of property of trademark registration in India is increasing in India with increasing awareness. Violating a registered trademark can have many legal consequences and liabilities. Violations may occur if a celebration uses a trademark that’s a bit like or almost sort of a trademark already registered by another party, almost like or almost just like the merchandise or service that covers the online registration in regard to the merchandise or service. Trademark infringement is an unauthorized use of a trademark without the knowledge of the registered owner or any licensee. Therefore, it’s beneficial to urge the importance of trademark registration before it’s too late.