Role of Trademark Agent in Trademark Search in Chennai

Role of Trademark agent in Trademark registration

The trademark can be a phrase, logo, design and a combination of colors or shapes, etc. and it indicates the uniqueness of the brand or product and distinguishes it from the competitors. It is the most valuable asset of a trademark business worldwide. With a unique trademark, customers can easily identify the products or services in the products of various competitors.The trademark can be applied with the help of our most experienced professionals when one sit back and relax. Not only can access trademark application services, but our expert will constantly track the trademark and update the from time to time, facilitating a detailed feasible report on the trademark and helping to create a unique business logo before applying by conducting a full public trademark search. Role of Trademark Agent in Trademark Search in Chennai is what we are going to be discussed here and mentioned the required documents also.


Role of Trademark agent

A trademark agent is someone who specializes in trademark matters. Trademark agents must have extensive knowledge of trademarks and also be proficient in the registration and protection process of trademarks and prevent the use of fraudulent marks. The trademark agent deals with all legal matters from the registration of the trademark to the appearance of court cases related to the trademark.

Search the trademark registries to see if a trademark is registered. They prepare and submit applications for trademark registration and advise their clients on trademark laws and regulations.

Trademark agents perform some or all of the following functions:

Advise clients on intellectual property matters and represent clients before the Registrar of Trade-Marks on matters such as prosecuting applications for registration of trademarks.

Trademark agents advise clients on intellectual property matters.

Advise on trademark registration, trademark licensing requirements, transfer of intellectual property and protection of existing trademark rights

Trademark agents research and prepare trademark applications.

Represent clients in front of the Trademarks Opposition Board and in related actions

Clients can be represented internationally in consultation with foreign colleagues and lawyers.

Salient features of trademark rules 2017

Effective March 6, 2017, the new Trademark (Amendment) Rules 2017 came into force. Its purpose is to simplify the entire trademark registration process and make it hassle-free and quick. This is expected to speed up the entire process of trademark administration.

The inclusion of e-filing and address as an important part of the address can be seen as an attempt to further promote digitization. Here are some important features of the new rules:

1. Sound marks are registered: The new trademark rules state, “If an application for trademark registration sounds like a trademark, its reproduction will be submitted in MP3 format not exceeding thirty seconds in length. Is recorded in the medium, which allows for easy and clear audible replay along with graphical representation of its signals”. Such application must be filed in FormTM-A with audio in MP3 format. Music notes are required to be provided in the application.

2. 3D Marks Registration: This includes the shape and packaging of the goods. This type of application is also filed in Form TM-A.

New trademark search in Chennai rules mentioned in this regard:

Where the application has a statement that the trademark is a three-dimensional trademark, the reproduction of the trademark consists of two dimensional graphic as follows: –

i) Reproduction contains three different views of the trademark;

ii) If the Registrar feels that the reproduction of the trademark provided by the applicant does not adequately show the details of the three-dimensional trademark, he may call upon the applicant to compile up to five more different views of the trademark within two months. And description by trademark terms;

Although the Registrar considers the different views or description of the trademark referred to in clause (ii) but the details of the three-dimensional trademark are still not adequately shown, he may call upon the applicant to provide a sample of the trademark.

3. e-Filing Encouraged: As a token of encouragement, a 10% discount is offered for e-filing. It can be seen as an act to promote digitization and go paperless.

4. Terms relating to well-known mark: As stated in Rule 124, any person may request the registration of a mark as a public mark along with the declaration of case, evidence and documents. The fee is Rs. 1, 00,000. The Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion now maintains a list of well-known marks. After paying a fee of Rs 1 lakh, a brand can now apply to be included in the TM-M list. This change will, in particular, help to improve the reputation of India’s IP system and improve the country’s poor score for the defence of popular marks.

5. In the case of a company engaged in the manufacture or production of goods, the investment in the plant and machinery shall not exceed the limits specified for the intermediary company under the provisions (a) of subsection (1) of section 7 of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act, 2006 (27) In 2006); And

B) In the case of a company engaged in providing or rendering services, the investment in equipment shall not exceed the limit specified for a medium enterprise, subject to subsection (1) of section 7 (b) of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act, 2006.

Recent news on Trademark

New Delhi: Fortis Healthcare NSE-1.37% and Religare Enterprises have “strongly” opposed the sale of their trademarks. Sankyo bought Ranbaxy.

Malwinder Mohan Singh and Shivinder Mohan Singh, the former promoters, however, submitted to the court that they had no objection to the sale of trademarks to satisfy the decree. The court heard a petition filed by Daiichi Sankyo, a Japanese pharmaceutical company, seeking to have Fortis and Religare’s trademarks attached and sold and to be reimbursed in accordance with the Singapore Tribunal’s Arbitral Award approved in April 2016.

On September 11, the High Court asked the two companies to submit an additional affidavit stating their position. The next hearing date is October 8. Fortis CEO AshutoshRaghuvanshi told ET about his intention to change his brand identity into a parkway. The Fortis brand is owned by former promoters and the brand license expires in April 2021.