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Where can we search for registered trademark?

The registration of the trademark will be for ten years after the initiation of this Act, however it will be recharged now and again according to the arrangements of this segment. The Registrar shall re-establish for a time of ten years from the date of registration of the trademark, as endorsed and inside the recommended period and on application made by the enrolled owner of the trademark and subject to payment of the recommended charge. Termination of the original registration or termination of the last renewal of the registration, as this may be the case (the date in this segment is known as the termination of the last registration). Search for Registered Trademark – Trademark Search in Chennai is what we are going to be discussed here and mentioned the required documents.


()) At the appointed time before the expiration of the last registration of the trademark, the Registrar shall send a notification to the enrolled owner on the expiration date and the terms of payment of charges and in any case on which he will re-establish. Trademark Registration may be obtained, and at the expiration of the period endorsed by him, if those conditions are not appropriately consented to the Registrar, he may eliminate the mark of trade from the Register:

Granted that if the Registrar applies in the proposed structure and the recommended expense and surcharge is paid inside a half year of the last registration of the trademark, he won’t eliminate the trademark from the enroll and restore the registration for a time of ten years under sub-segment (2). Symbol.

Where a trademark has been eliminated from the Register for non-payment of the endorsed expense, the Registrar, inside a half year and inside one year from the finish of the last registration of the trade, endless supply of the application, in the recommended structure and on payment of the endorsed charge, whenever satisfied That re-establish the trademark around there and recharge the registration of the trademark either in general or as it considers fit or subject to conditions. Inconvenience, for a time of ten years from the expiration of the last registration.

Impact of removal from the register for failure to pay the expense for renewal

Where a trademark has been eliminated from the register for failure to pay the renewal charge, notwithstanding, inside one year after the date of its removal, with the end goal of any application for registration of another trademark, it will be considered to be already a trademark on the register, with the exception of the tribunal. Not satisfied-

(A) That there has been no enthusiastic utilization of the trademark, which has been taken out during the two years immediately going before its removal; or

(B) That the utilization of the trademark isn’t probably going to cause any fraud or disarray which is the subject of application for registration because of past utilization of the eliminated trade mark.

The importance of trademark revelation

It’s always preferred to be safe over grieved. Trademark search in Chennai will avoid violations of applicable law (s).

Availability is an important rule when settling on a trademark that will avoid any duplication.

A trademark should be extraordinary as well as have the correct trademark classification.

Each potential clash can be avoided by doing a concise search.

Trademark classes

According to classification of trademarks, which is the international classification of labor and products, there are 45 categories partitioned into 1 to 35 for merchandise and 36 to 45 for administrations. Before a trademark search in Chennai can be played out, a class search is needed to figure out what class the item has a place with.

Checkmark for trademark

Sign on to the official site of Trademark Registration in India:

Snap the Trademarks tab, and then snap Public Search.

There are 3 search criteria available – Wordmark, Vienna Code and Phonetic.

Step by step procedure:

The trademark registration measure incorporates recording a trademark application, trademark examination, publication or advertisement of the trademark, protests whenever raised, registration of the trademark and renewal of the trademark like clockwork

Although the trademark registration measure is basic, it is prescribed to enlist a specialist trademark lawyer for the registration cycle to make it easier and more reliable.

Stage 1: Search for a trademark

The applicant ought to be careful while picking his/her trademark. At that point, there are already many sorts of trademarks available, when a trademark is chosen, it is necessary to do a public search on the trademark database that is available with the trademark vault to make sure that the trademark is extraordinary and that there could be no different trademarks. Similar to their trademark.

Trademark Search in Chennai reveals all kinds of trademarks that are already available in the market, enlisted or unregistered. The search further reveals whether there is rivalry for the same trademark in the applied trademark.

Stage 2: To record a trademark application

The application for trademark registration relies totally upon the labor and products to which the business relates, either in a solitary class or in a multi-class.

The registration application structure is TM-A which can be documented either online either through the official IP India site or physically on the Trademarks Office Charge, which is liable to trademark local.

The application for trademark registration in Chennai ought to be upheld with numerous archives with full details of the trademark for which registration has been mentioned. Besides, in the event that the applicant claims a past use in the trademark, the utilization of the client’s affidavit should be accompanied by confirmation of utilization with verification of its past use.

Stage 3: Examination of trademark application by government authority

After documenting the trademark application, a mandatory examination report is given by the examiner after a detailed examination of the trademark application as per the rules of the Trademark Act, 2016

The examination report by the Authority may or may not reveal certain protests, which may be finished, relevant or procedural. The report of this examination is given by the Trademark Authority inside 30 days of documenting the registration application.

It is necessary to present the answer to the examination report inside a time of 10 days, which has arguments and proof against any issue with be waived.

Stage 4: After the exam

After documenting the answer to the examination report, the examiner (Trademark Authority) may appoint a hearing in the event that he/she isn’t completely satisfied with the answer submitted or if the protests are not satisfied. After this hearing, the examiner may accept the mark and then forward the application for publication in the journal or reject the above application if any protest actually continues.

Stage 5: Announce the trademark

When the application for trademark registration is accepted, the trademark is advertised and also distributed in the Journal of Trademarks for a time of 4 months. The reason behind the publication and advertisement is to welcome the general public to challenge the registration of the sign.

The Trade Marks Journal is available on the official library site which is updated each Monday of the week.

Stage 6: Resistance from the general public

Post an advertisement and publication of a trademark in a journal, any aggressor may record a notification to fight the registration of the advertised/distributed trademark. This notification of resistance to the trademark should be documented by Structure TM-O inside 4 months of the publication of the mark in the Trademark Journal. In the event that there is a protest/issue with the trademark application, the fair treatment of law should be continued in which the trademark can be enlisted along with the accommodation of counter-statement application, proof as well as hearing.

Stage 7: Register the trademark

The final advance towards the entire cycle is registration where the application moves towards registration after winning the complaint and/or resistance to the registration of the enrolled trademark.

In addition, if there is no issue with trademark registration during the long stretches of advertisement/publication period, at that point the trademark is given a certificate of auto-generated registration during a time of multi week. When the registration is finished, it is valid for a time of 10 years, after which it should be re-established during the endorsed period