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Well-known trademarks in India


With coming up of the new Trade Mark Rules 2017, another strategy has been created that allows the Registrar to proclaim a particular trademark as “notable”. According to the new standard, a trademark proprietor can record an application in structure TM-M with a solicitation made to the Registrar for declaring the mark to be “notable”. A notable trade mark has been vouchsafed with extraordinary assurance and safeguards against passing off and encroachment of such trademarks. Notable trademarks are seen in India on the basis of their reputation, nationally, internationally and the cross-borders. Well-Known Trademark – Trademark Search in Chennai is what we are going to be discussed here and mentioned the required documents also.


What is notable trademark?

The Trademarks Act, 1999, characterizes notable trademark registration as, “a mark which has become so to the substantial fragment of the public which uses such merchandise or gets such administrations that the utilization of such mark in relation to different labor and products would probably be taken as indicating an association over the span of trade or delivering of administrations between those labor and products and an individual utilizing the mark in relation to the main referenced merchandise or services.”

Dissimilar to different trademarks whose altruism and reputation is restricted to a certain predetermined geographical area and to a certain range of items, notable trademarks have its generosity and reputation ensured across the nation and across categories of labor and products. It is law that confines the Trade Mark Library to allow and enroll any mark as a trademark which is misleadingly similar to any of the notable trademark. For instance, Google has been enlisted as a notable trademark of Alphabet Inc., which subsequently means just Alphabet Inc. can enroll the term ‘Google’ for any category of labor and products. Regardless of whether the help isn’t related to the Web business, no other company except for Alphabet Inc. can enroll ‘Google’ as its trademark.

On account of Daimler Benz v. Hybo Hindustan [AIR 1994 Del 2369], the defendant had been utilizing the plaintiff’s logo and the word ‘Benz’ for which the plaintiff looked for directive against such utilization of his logo. The court while perceiving plaintiff’s logo as a notable trademark on the ground of trans-line reputation and generosity granted order against the censured utilization of logo by the defendant.

In another case of Rolex SA v. Alex Adornments Pvt. Ltd. &Ors. [2009 (41) PTC 284 (Del.)], the defendants were utilizing the trade name “Rolex” of the plaintiff while dealing in artificial adornments for which the plaintiff acquired an action against the defendant request to keep him from utilizing his trade name further. The court held that the plaintiff’s business dealt with watches, and the segment of public utilizing watches perceives the trade name Rolex, for which it is a notable trademark registration. The same fragment of individuals if discovers artificial jewelleries with the same trade name may assume the artificial adornments to be from plaintiff’s business. For the same reasons, the court believing Rolex to be a notable trademark granted order against the acts of defendants.

Arrangements related to notable trademarks

1. Rule 124 of Trade Mark Rules 2017

This standard allows the trademark proprietors to record a solicitation for grant of “notable” trademark to the Registrar in structure TM-M. Before the coming up of this standard, a mark was declared notable solely after procedures, rectification and resistance held under the steady gaze of the Hon’ble courts. With the advent of this standard and the methodology laid thereof, a trademark proprietor can demand for a notable trademark registration without getting into any procedures or rectifications. Rule 124 guarantees a trademark to be granted the tag of “notable” simply by an application of solicitation to the Library.

2. Trademarks Act, 1999

I. 11 (2) Insurance of notable marks across all classes

The arrangement of this part broadens the ambit of assurance gave to the notable trademarks. According to this clause, notable trademarks are to be perceived and ensured across all the classes of labor and products. Relevant piece of the part has been imitated in this:

“A trade mark which—

(a) is identical with or similar to an earlier trade mark; and

(b) is to be selected for labor and items which are not similar to those for which the earlier trade mark is enrolled in the name of an alternate proprietor, shall not be enlisted, if or to the degree, the earlier trade mark is a notable trademark in India and the utilization of the later mark without due cause would take unfair advantage of or be detrimental to the unmistakable character or reputation of the earlier trade mark.

ii. 11 (6) Factors taken into consideration while deciding the trademark as notable

A Joint Goal Concerning Arrangements on the Security of Notable Marks was adopted by WIPO in the year 1999 to shield the notable marks from abuse and encroachment, wherein various factors to decide a notable trademark was enrolled. India being an individual from World Trade Organization, adopted these factors and cherished it in clause 6 of Area 11 of the Trademarks Act. These deciding factors incorporates – 2

Information about the mark in relevant areas of the general population; the duration, degree and geographical area in which the trademark is utilized; the duration, degree and geographical area in which the trademark is elevated regarding the labor and products to which it applies; trademark registration or application for registration of the trademark to the degree they mirror the utilization or acknowledgment of the trade mark; the record of fruitful implementation of the rights in that trade mark including the record stating that the trademark has been perceived as notable by any court or Registrar.

iii. 11 (9) – Conditions not needed for notable trademark registration

The part specifically makes reference to certain conditions which need not be needed to grant of notable trademark. These conditions are-

That the TM has been utilized in India;

That the TM has been enrolled;

That the application for registration of the trade mark has been recorded in India;

That the trade mark is notable in or enrolled in any other locale other than India;

That the trademark is notable to people in general at large in India.

It can along these lines be stated that for a trademark to be granted insurance in India, it isn’t necessary that the mark proprietor has his business in India or its trademark is enrolled inside India, nor is it necessitated that the trademark is referred to the masses as a whole.3 In this manner, the particular arrangement accommodate the idea of trans-line reputation of trademark.

iv. 11 (10) – Obligation on the Registrar

It is an obligation on the registrar that in case of a debate and/or encroachment the registrar should ensure the interest of the notable trademark against the identical ones and also should take into consideration and notice the evil goal and malafide intention of the complainant or the adversary.

Recording of a notable trademark

With the incorporation of the new Trademark Rules 2017, a trademark proprietor can straightforwardly document an application for a notable trademark to the Registrar. The said application of solicitation ought to be accompanied with a statement of case, relevant archives, proof and a charge.